032. Jennie Jieun Lee

© Jennie Jieun Lee. Porcelain. 

Traction dives into the multi-faceted practice of artist Jennie Jieun Lee.


I first came across your work through your beautiful ceramics. Do you consider this to be your primary medium?

I would say for today is it but in the past, I have focused on printmaking, painting, and photography.

Your ceramics, masks, and paintings all exhibit an interest in a free, fluid form of mark‐making. What informs your personal visual language?

Much of my visual language is fuelled by experimentation of thoughts and colour.

While I am working I think of the humorous events in my life along with people’s interesting mannerisms and notions. Much of my visual language is fuelled by experimentation of thoughts and color.

© Jennie Jieun Lee. Porcelain. 

I am particularly intrigued by your masks. Do you consider there to be a performative aspect to these?

The masks are an interpretation of what was going through my head when I was agoraphobic many years ago. The longer I stayed inside the house, the bigger and more grotesque my face became in my mind.

Some of the masks are cracked to display the kaleidoscopic distortion I’d see when I looked in the mirror during that time.

© Jennie Jieun Lee. Porcelain. 

You realize work via a broad spectrum of mediums. What, for you, are the unifying threads running through your practice?

Combinations of permanently etched lines with painted layers that mimic, articulate and navigate emotional and psychological spaces. Everything working together to break into the light.

Are there new projects on the horizon for you?

A few group shows - Sight Unseen OFFSITE curated by I’m Revolting/Su Wu, May 16‐20, NYC; Shoot The Lobster Group Exhibition, NADA New York 2014; ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY, June 7, 2014, and a solo show at Lefebrve et Fils Gallery, Paris, June 2014. 


For more information on the work of Jennie Jieun Lee, visit http://jenniejieunlee.com